It is estimated that every year thousands of people die, or develop a life changing illness through exposure to hazardous substances.  It is certian that many of these cases could be prevented through the correct selction, and use of respiratory protective equipment (RPE).

Legislation requires face fit testing to be carried out if:

  • a risk assessment identifies that tight fitting RPE is required
  • face fit testing has not previously been carried out

Legislation requires repeat testing to be carried out if:

  • the employee has undergone severe dental treatment
  • the employee shows substantial weight change
  • the employee has any scarring that may affect the seal
  • if the make, model or size of the RPE has changed
  • on an annual basis if the RPE is the primary means of protection

A face fit test will ensure that a suitable seal has been established between the mask affording the protection and the wearer's face.